Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TL1 $18000 portable simulator that you can own

Ariel, the makers of the Ariel Atom sports car and simulator maker Motion Simulation have
joined forces to produce what is likely
the finest consumer grade simulator available. The TL1 Simulator's shape is defined by its industry-first 180° spherical screen, giving a totally immersive experience. Multiple projectors combine to produce a seamless image at a resolution of 5760x1200 that encompasses your entire field of vision.

The seating is completely adjustable to most common racing seating positions and includes actuators to vibrate and move the seat based on program input. The seat can also accommodate seating positions for flight simulators as well. The entire unit can be dismantled to fit through a standard door. Controllers like a steering wheel and pedals are included, and other controls can be used, too. An integrated PC with powerful graphics cards is also included, and runs Windows 7 or XP.


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