Saturday, November 24, 2012

Motorcycle vs flying mattress

To say this motorcycle rider is lucky is an understatement, having lightning fast reflexes also helps too. I`m betting it was laundry day anyway you look at it, he was missed by inches. They should show this video in motorcycle riding training courses.

that would definitely ruin your day

The LA100 UAV, the spy drone you can own

LA100 UAV from Lehmann Aviation on Vimeo.

Meet Lehmann Aviation`s personal spy drone. Great if you`re paranoid, getting unique aerial footage, or if you just want to play James Bond (or a super villain).

Friday, November 23, 2012

Final North American piece of ALMA delivered

spacedaily is reporting that the final antenna for the North America part of ALMA array has been delivered.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome "Episode 5&6"

It`s Friday so that means new BSG Blood and Chrome. This week: Watch the amazing new chapter in the Battlestar saga; Blood and Chrome! Adama dogfights Raiders while the Battlestar Osiris tries to hold off a Cylon Basestar.


This robotic reader can flip pages at mind numbing speeds

The University of Tokyo is using this system to digitize it`s libraryBFS-Auto can achieve high-speed and high-definition book digitization at over 250 pages/min using the original media format.
This performance is realized by three key points: high-speed fully-automated page flipping, real-time 3D recognition of the flipped pages, and high-accuracy restoration to a flat document image. This system is toward the practical use in 2013.

wow, very fast

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Behold: The winter dunes of Mars

Wired has some beautiful imagery of winter dunes on Mars. The image shows a crater that is located in the Southern hemisphere where it was winter at the time this image was taken.

This is what the astronauts will be having for Thanksgiving aboard the Space Station

It`s Thanksgiving again (if you live in U.S.) ever wanted to know what astronauts aboard the ISS will be having?

Freckle: the stop motion short made with Velcro

Freckle from Mike Cantor on Vimeo.

This is pretty cool "Freckle" is a stop-animated music video created using over 19,000 hand-created velcro dots.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Onion rings, math nerd style

Onion rings, you love them, I love them. But who knew you could combine math and cooking in such a delightful way. Ever heard of borromean onion rings? Well maybe this will give you an idea for Thanksgiving or any other dinner for that matter.

How long would it take the world`s most powerful flashlights to cook a turkey

Cooking with flashlights you say?!? Is it possible? The answer is yes if you`re using Wicked Lasers' $200 flashlights that put out an amazing 4100 lumens (thats bright) Amazingly it only took 2.5 hours for the beast to be cooked too.

Born again star tells fate of our Solar System

"Astronomers have found evidence for a dying Sun-like star coming briefly back to life after casting its gassy shells out into space, mimicking the possible fate our own Solar System faces in a few billion years."

The Hobbit Unexpected 7 minute re-edit

This is a fan made compilation of all The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey trailers and TV spots, including: Announcement trailer, Announcement trailer (G), Trailer 1, TV Spot 1 - 7, UK 1 minute TV spot, Japanese 1 minute TV Spot.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cracked 250 year old manuscript code reveals secret society

Wired is reporting that linguist Christiane Schafer has unearth something interesting in a 250 year old manuscript:

Monday, November 19, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: This is Robocop

An Anonymous source has sent photos of what is most definitely what the Robocop suit looks like in the remake. Also included are shots of OCP vehicles (obviously modified HUMVEES)

SETI receives major grant from Qualcomm chief scientist

spacedaily is reporting the SETI project has got a major financial boost from Qualcomm co-founder Franklin Antonio.

One very long burnout

Awesome coupe does some killer burnouts.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

This tractors got a Volvo turbo engine in it

Meet Rickard Nillson and his tractor. Rickard`s tractor is no run of the mill tractor, it`s something special.

Is this the world`s fastest piano juggler?

Watch juggler extraordinaire Dan Menendez as he throws on his creepiest mask and demonstrates some unbelievable piano juggling skills!

slow start but man oh man what a finish, is that Pee Wee Herman in that chair?

Blue Moon on a platter

Artist Bruce Munro working at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire England, uses 100,000 old CDs as part of two separate pieces.