Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rumour: John Noble of Fringe will be the villain in Star Wars Episode VII

Chalk this one up as rumour, John Noble of Fringe fame will allegedly be cast as the primary villain in the as of yet untitled upcoming Star Wars Episode VII movie.
Comic Book Movie reports:

"This is sketchy - basically just the word of one Radio show host - but we haven't had any casting rumors for Star Wars Episode VII yet so what the Hell! On morning radio (Fox FM) in Melbourne Australia, the hosts were discussing yesterday's confirmation of the standalone Star Wars movies when one of them (Jo) said she "has it on very good authority that Aussie actor John Noble will be appearing as the villain". The other host, Matt, queried this but she remained adamant, saying this was definitely for Episode VII and not for one of the standalone movies, before offering to make a friendly wager on the matter. Obviously we have no way of knowing if this is true, and our definition of "good authority" may differ quite a bit from Jo's here, but you never know. Noble did work on the J.J Abrams created tv show Fringe - but of course that could also just be where the (rather lazy) link was made for the rumor to spring from."

loved John  Noble as Walter Bishop in Fringe, i think he could pull this off, wonder if he`ll be doing any LSD? lol

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