Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For the lazy: micro robotic smartphone and tablet screen cleaner

You know you`re lazy when you can`t even clean the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Well Tomy has the solution for you, this is the Tomy Auto Bee S and yes it will happily clean your device`s screen without any complaints.
Consider this little guy as a tiny Roomba for your device, it uses a pair of rotating pads to clean off all those nasty finger prints that can accumulate on the screen of your tablet or phone. It can apparently clean a smartphone display in 4 minutes and a tablet display in around 8 minutes. When it comes to the edge of your device sensors turn it around and sends it off in a new direction. Available in Japan in March this gizmo will retail for $17 and comes in a couple of colours:
Orange, Blue, Pink and White.

wish i had a video of this little guy doing his thing

more here

takara tomy link here

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