Friday, February 8, 2013

Need to "go" out in the great outdoors? well the Strap and Crap may be just what you need

If you`ve been out hiking, fishing, camping or just generally out in the wilderness for any great length of time you just might get the urge to "go". But where? No restrooms around thats for sure? And pardon the pun but it can be a pain in the you know where. Well here`s Strap and Crap to the rescue now you can enjoy some "relief" as much as you can enjoy the great outdoors.

From Laura Stude:

"The Strap and Crap™ is a patent-pending device that helps lessen the chance of messin' your pants when participating in outdoor activities."

probably work pretty good if you like drinking in the park too, not that I`ve done that or anything.

you "go" girl!

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