Saturday, December 29, 2012

A bottle that stores sound

Re: Sound Bottle from Jun Fujiwara on Vimeo.

To quote Jun Fujiwara, the creator of the Sound Bottle:

"This is a music medium that can reproduce a recorded voice as music. It makes a database of sound sources that is managed and used as formal and automatic repetitions, and forms a music medium of the day."

THAT`S how you put out a boat fire

This one`s from New Zealand, from the original poster:

Friday, December 28, 2012

A playable record made out of ice

The Shout Out Louds have a new single, "Blue Ice" and to celebrate the release they are offering 10 limited edition kits that allow you to make a working record out of ice.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sparklers vs water

Sparklers contain oxidizers. As a result, they are able to burn even when they are placed in an environment where oxygen is absent. Oxygen for the reaction is provided by the oxidizers found in the sparklers.

Do NOT try this at home. Sparklers and fireworks cause too many injuries already!

still fun to watch

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is how illegally parked cars are moved in Russia

This is something everyone can relate too, an illegally parked car ruining your day. Well you got to hand it to the Russians who have come up with not so elegant but effective solution.

This TARDIS really is bigger on the inside

Dr Who has one cool ride, the TARDIS, you know the retro 60`s policeman`s box and one of the long running gags of the show is that it`s bigger on the inside. If you think about it that would be pretty hard to model, well here comes augmented reality to the rescue.

This 200 year old mechanical caterpillar sold for $415,000

The Ethiopian Caterpillar from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

The Ethiopian Caterpillar is a bejeweled automaton from the year 1820. Attributed to Henri Maillardet, only six automaton caterpillars are known to exist and the other five are in prestigious collections in Europe, include one in the Patek Philippe museum and another two in the Sandoz collection (see Parmigiani for more on them).
The pre-sale estimate for this piece is $350,000-$450,000.

it ended up selling for $415,000 not bad for a 200 year old wind up toy

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Carol singing lab robots

miBots are scientific instruments dedicated to cutting-edge research and development activities. But during the holiday season, they work on improving their artistic skills by taking singing lessons.

hmm, needs a bit of work

Space X Grasshopper gets a test flight

SpaceX's Grasshopper takes a 12-story leap towards full and rapid rocket reusability in a test flight conducted December 17, 2012 at SpaceX's rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas. Grasshopper, a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (VTVL), rose 131 feet (40 meters), hovered and landed safely on the pad using closed loop thrust vector and throttle control.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Probably the most useless machine ever

I agree, this is the most useless thing ever, unless you like being aggravated to no end. So this is what is does, you flip switches and as you do a little arm pops out and turns off the switches as you flip them. Hours of fun I say! You just can`t win, actually the secret to winning is simply not to play.

sad, but i want one!

more here

Maybe launching fireworks from a balloon isn`t a good idea

This is from the Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival in Myanmar, this festival takes place near the beginning of November and lasts a week. Looks like fun, if you`re into near death experiences.

High Speed Chemistry: chemical reactions caught in slow motion

Filming chemistry with a high-speed camera - main videos coming soon, but here's a preview and chance to see someone stroke The Prof's hair!

this is really fun to watch

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Paraphernalia short

Paraphernalia from John Williams on Vimeo.

When young Atari Withers gets annoyed with the little robot that follows him everywhere, he tries to leave it, sell it and smash it up... But this robot is more than just a toy.

fun short film, worth the watch and there`s a twist