Monday, December 24, 2012

Maybe launching fireworks from a balloon isn`t a good idea

This is from the Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival in Myanmar, this festival takes place near the beginning of November and lasts a week. Looks like fun, if you`re into near death experiences.
From wikitravel:

Taunggyi is best known for the annual Fire Balloon festival held for one week near the beginning of November each year. For most of every day, hot air paper balloons several metres in length in the shape of various animals are launched and sent floating over the town (if they don't spontaneously combust on take-off, a relatively common occurrence). In the evening the carnival really gets going with the launching of more traditionally shaped balloons carrying cargoes of sweets and fireworks. Definitely one of Myanmar's must-see events, but be warned that hotel prices increase by about 50% during the festival. It's popular with locals, but hardly any foreigners attend.
The market in Taunggyi is worth seeing. Shan noodles and Burmese sweet tea can be purchased at low costs, and CDs and VCDs are cheap and abundant. Another attraction of the market is the abundance of Pa-O (distinguished by interesting headscarves) women selling fresh produce and inexpensive tea from the Shan hills.

fire? balloons? how could anything possibly go wrong?

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