Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This TARDIS really is bigger on the inside

Dr Who has one cool ride, the TARDIS, you know the retro 60`s policeman`s box and one of the long running gags of the show is that it`s bigger on the inside. If you think about it that would be pretty hard to model, well here comes augmented reality to the rescue. reports:

"Amateur tinkerer Greg Kumparak wanted to build a Tardis that actually offered a slice of the fantasy envisioned in the television program, and decided to use augmented reality to accomplish that goal. Long time Doctor Who fans know that, from the outside, the Tardis looks like it might only be able to fit about 4-5 people huddled closely together. But according to the show's lore, the inside of the structure actually contains a number of very large rooms.

Kumparak used 3D modeling tool Blender to render the inside of the Tardis' control room, and Qualcomm's augmented reality software known as Vuforia to virtually put the control room inside the Tardis. The effect is pretty exciting for any fans who have dreamed of seeing the strange dimensional mechanics of the Tardis in the 'real' world."

very cool, now call me when you come up with the transdimensional version

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