Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aeroscraft heavy lift airship makes first float test

The colossal new airship by Aeroscraft has made a successful float test. This airship called Dragon Dream is 230 ft long and uses aerodynamic principles to create lift as to completely relying on gases to stay aloft. Capable of lifting 66 tons, reaching a ceiling altitude of 18000 ft and having a top speed of 140mph this is definitely not your typical airship from yesteryear.

Have a look at the proposed operations video:

From Aeroscraft:

Aeros CEO and Founder Igor Pasternak confirmed today that his company's colossal first-of a-kind Aeroscraft prototype vehicle has completed a series of successful "first float" maneuvers inside its immense engineering hangar in Tustin, California.

Today's demonstration is one of the most recent in a week of critical and successful tests. Pasternak, who is also the chief engineer of the Aeroscraft, explained that the first float test principally demonstrated the unique lightweight rigid structure conception and Control of Static Heaviness (COSH) system of this radical airlift vehicle and met a key Aeroscraft performance goal: operate without ballast, ground infrastructure or handling.

Said Pasternak: "The first float of the vehicle was a controlled exercise during which all flight systems were operating. The procedure was completed successfully. "

Aircraft experts and several U.S. agencies are betting that the Aeroscraft vehicle with its advanced technology capabilities will transform the transportation of large and heavy cargos, supporting and altering any number of the world's equipment-dependent mega-projects and the industries that manage them -- including wind energy, aerospace, petroleum, highway construction, engineering and telecommunications.

Funding and oversight of the Aeroscraft Project has been supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US Defense Department Defiance's Rapid Reaction Technology Office, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

About: The Aeroscraft vehicle (VErtical-lift Rigid Technology Internal Carriage Auto-ballast Logistics) was developed for over-sized freight transportation from point of origin to point of need. The Aeroscraft offers the most flexible and efficient vertical takeoff air-lift freight solution for large cargos bound across urban, remote, even ecologically sensitive locations.

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