Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This robot can be trained to do all your mundane tasks

From willgarage:

"Imagine purchasing a brand new “programmable” robot.  How would you know what to do, to make the robot do something?
This is not a problem for many of our daily appliances as they considerably limit possible user actions.  For functionality like robot programming with a verbal dialog interface, however, it is important to guide the user with appropriate feedback from the robot and provide supplementary materials such as user manuals, tutorials, or instructional videos.  Maya conducted a user study that replicates the described scenario.  Participants in this study (15 men and 15 women, ages 19-70) with no prior knowledge of how to program the robot were left alone with the robot and a combination of supplementary materials.  They had to figure out on their own how to program different skills such as picking up medicine from a cabinet or folding a towel."

very cool, i`ll take 2

more here

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