Sunday, February 17, 2013

RobotCar: self driving car kits for $150?

UK researchers want to bring you driverless cars, not only that but they want to bring you the kits to transform any car into one for the low, low price of $150.
RobotCar currently uses a Nissan Leaf as their test bed vehicle, its got a stereo camera and lasers to help figure it where it is and where to go, no GPS is being used. This system has cost them around $7750 to get going but they want to knock that price down to $150.

From RobotCar UK:

"We use the mathematics of probability and estimation to allow computers in robots to interpret data from sensors like cameras, radars and lasers, aerial photos and on-the-fly internet queries. We use machine learning techniques to build and calibrate mathematical models which can explain the robot's view of the world in terms of prior experience (training), prior knowledge (aerial images, road plans and semantics) and automatically generated web queries. We wish to produce technology which allows robots always to know precisely where they are and what is around them."


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