Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BBC film crew sneaks into Area 51, gets busted, go figure

In the show called Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs it works with a crew of 11 people, they tried to cross the DO NOT ENTER sign at Area 51 on May 14th, they failed.

A local Lincoln Country sheriff basically stated that the crew was under surveillance the entire time.
UFO investigator Darren Perks, who was a part of the crew, recalls what happened next:

    "We walked onto the base in plain view, and in so doing, we breached the security gate," Perks said. "We went past the boundaries by at least 200 yards, and after another 30 minutes of filming, one of the cameramen went over and knocked on the door [where the security guards were].

    "Eight guards wearing combat fatigues immediately came out with their assault rifles and they grabbed us, forced us to the ground and we were all made to lie facedown in a row on the tarmac with a gun at our back."

    The drama continued as their film equipment, microphones, wallets and phones were seized, and Perks adamantly states that they were all lying there next to each other "on the ground for a solid three hours, and they stood there with the guns at our backs the whole time until the sheriff came."

BTW the video above is the entire episode, minus the footage of them on base and getting busted.

you expected tea and crumpets?

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