Monday, October 15, 2012

Watch Felix Baumgartner "space jump" into the record books

Austrian Felix Baumgartner breaks the record for the highest ever skydive by jumping out of a balloon 128,000ft (39km) above New Mexico.

From Felix:

    "One of the most exciting moments was standing out on top of the world, 30 seconds before stepping off... On the step I felt that the whole world is watching. I said I wish they would see what I see. It was amazing.

    There was a time I really thought I was in trouble. I had to decide to fight all the way down and I finally got stable. [this is when he started to spin, apparently out of control]

    That spin became so violent it was hard to know how to get out of it. I was able to get it under control and break the speed of sound."

yup he exceeded Mach 1

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