Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautiful glowing ice castle sculptures

These are simply amazing, ice castle sculptures and are illuminated from within, some of them almost remind me Superman`s Fortress Of Solitude. These are pretty big too, some of them are cavernous and have tunnels so that visitors can explore their interior.

From Ice Castles:

"Nothing sparks an imagination like walking through the turquoise-colored tunnels of the Ice Castles. The Ice Castles evolve throughout the winter, as builders artistically hand-place thousands upon thousands of icicles to create simply unique and amazing ice structures. Formed completely from frozen water — with no supporting substructure — the Ice Castles beckon people to play, pose and ponder within their glistening walls.
This year, the Ice Castles take on urban and mountain personalities: One will wind over a three-tiered landscape at the base of Steamboat Ski Resort in Colorado, and the other will extend over an acre, just outside the Mall of America near Minneapolis. Each will be made of over 20,000-25,000 tons of ice."

pardon the pun, but very cool

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