Monday, February 11, 2013

What is this? Enhanced Mars abnormality shot

So this image has been making the rounds online for a couple of days now, but what exactly is it? Is this thing a bonafide piece of alien technology, some weird quirk of lighting or a piece of scrap that fell off of Curiosity during descent?

The daily mail reports:

"A report on Universe Today said the structure was likely to measure just 0.5cm or less.
It was spotted in the picture beamed back from Mars, which was taken on January 30.

Pictures of the mysterious object emerged after Curiosity drilled its first hole in the surface of Mars, to generate dust it can analyse to detect any traces of life which may once have existed on the planet.

Pictures beamed back from the Martian surface showed a small hole surrounded by a pile of pulverised rock dust, which Nasa hopes to use in sample-collection tests.

In a statement the space agency said Curiosity used both percussion and rotation to bore about 0.8in into the Mars rock as a test in advance of a later full drilling to collect samples."

weird yes, explained? no!

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