Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prometheus the Alien prequel with no alien

I recently came across a review posted at metro that has raised my concern.
Simply put, is Prometheus to big to fail? It`s not as if you`ve never heard that saying before but this article does raise valid concerns, namely as a film that is tied to the Alien franchise (like it or not it is always going to associated with that) there seems to be only one scene with the kind of distinctly hostile alien that a movie of this genre is expected to have (some bloggers have called him cuddles). Let`s be honest here, most of the movie going public are going to want to see this film specifically for some kind of horrifying creature and if reports are true you may be in for some disappointment. According to Scott this film revolves around the Space Jockeys and all the unanswered questions associated with them, something I personally HAVE to know. As always, anyone can formulate their own opinions but if anything this article does give some food for thought.

If anyone would like to read this review you can find it here

UPDATE: seen the film, my opinion, think more 2001 A Space Odyssey then Alien, for some of you this might be ok, also expect a giant space vagina.

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