Friday, January 25, 2013

Dwarf planet Eris may reveal quantum scale gravity

Dwarf planet Eris may have something big in store for researchers, namely the killing of dark matter and dark energy theories. Galaxies appear to have a stronger gravitational influence than can be explained by a visible analysis, this has led to both the dark matter and dark energy theories to try to explain these anomalies.

Newscientist reports:

"To test whether quantum-scale gravity is at work, Hajdukovic plans to borrow a trick from Einstein (see diagram). Due to gravitational effects in the solar system, such as the tug of other planets, Mercury's oval-shaped path around the sun slowly turns, or precesses. In the 1800s astronomers noticed that this happens at a different rate than predicted by Newtonian physics. Einstein showed that the sun's mass creates a curvature in space-time that affects Mercury enough to explain the difference, lending credence to his theory of general relativity.

Hajdukovic's quantum gravity might create a similar discrepancy with more distant orbiting bodies, he says - which is where Eris and its moon Dysnomia come in."

dark matter always seemed a bit hokey to me

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