Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And now the firecracker launching slingshot vs gelatin

You asked, and I delivered. In part 2 of firecracker launching slingshot we get to see what this bad boy can really do.

"See the firecracker shooting slingshot crossbow in full action. Blasting off firecrackers in mid air and shooting them into ballistic gelatin is what we do in this video! Finally, five firecrackers are launched sequentially inside of a 10 kg gel block - like a firecracker Katjuscha ("Stalinorgel"). .

The explosions are recorded in 500 frames per second, creating astonishing slow motion scenes.

As a bonus, a 40 cm bayonet is shot into the ruined gel block, from a weapon that is yet to be unveiled... the witch beheading slingshot bazooka."

come on, we all know the gelatin had no chance right?

enjoy the mayhem

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