Monday, March 4, 2013

Quantum satellites: The new space race

There`s a new space race brewing and this one`s not about being the first to get anywhere, its about being the first to set up a quantum communications network. Thomas Jennewein and Brendon Higgins of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Canada, describe that a quantum space race is taking place to create the world's first global quantum communication network.

Space Daily reports:

"The field of quantum communication - the science of transmitting quantum states from one place to another - has received significant attention in the last few years owing to the discovery of quantum cryptography.

Quantum cryptography exploits a unique property of single particles, such as photons: they can exist in two separate states - such as vertically polarized or horizontally polarized - or something in-between, known as a quantum superposition.

Upon measuring the state of a particle you instantly change this state, meaning an encryption key made of photons can be passed between two parties safe in the knowledge that if an eavesdropper intercepts it, this would be noticed.

Quantum cryptography has been described as a way of creating "unbreakable" messages and has attracted the attention of major technology companies, governments, banks and other security-focused clients."

banking, military, personal communications, who ever is first is sure going to cashing in

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