Sunday, March 3, 2013

These slingshot fired paper airplanes are deadly

To be fair I wouldn`t call these paper airplanes anymore, they`re more like flechettes or darts with steel tips. I still wouldn`t want to have one thrown at me though.

From Joerg Sprave:

"Paper Planes are fun, but harmless. They aren't heavy, sharp and fast enough to be used as a weapon. This video shows how to change that!

In order to make them heavy and sharp, a nail is attached to the paper tip. Problem solved!

To make them fast, the nail is bent into a hook so the whole object can be launched with a slingshot.

With the right super narrow paper plane design, the bent nail becomes a veritable mini arrow, also called a "Pana" or "Flechette". These projectiles are fast and pretty heavy. Combined with their excellent penetration, they are truly lethal.

As always the idea is taken to its limits!

The video contains full tutorials (slightly sped up) and also some nice high speed recordings from the shots."

kind of looks like something someone would make in prison

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