Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introducing the Super Arrow

There`s been a lot of talk about the procurement of F-35 fighter jets by the Canadian Air Force. Specifically the cost overruns, in the billions. So what alternatives does Canada have? There have been talks about a version of the F-18 Super Hornet called the Northern Growler, but what else? Dare we think it, could Canada make it`s own fighter, does it have the will? They once did.

From The Ottawa Citizen:

"Documents obtained by Global News in September indicated that the concept was briefly looked at by the government and dismissed.
CBC then reported MacKenzie’s comments that the federal government was too fast to write off the proposal to build a made-in-Canada military aircraft, which he says would be cheaper, faster and more efficient than the F-35. In an interview on CBC’s Power & Politics, MacKenzie acknowledged he first approached officials about a year ago about the plan by Bourdeau Industries, which has offices in Canada and the U.K.. Their plan was to redesign the Avro Arrow as an alternative to the F-35."

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