Sunday, February 24, 2013

This hotel was designed for stargazers

LosDomos TimeLapse from Boppin Community on Vimeo.

This is Elqui Domos, its a hotel nestled in the Elqui Valley in Chile. The great thing about this hotel is that it has its very own observatory, which is great if you`re a vacationing astronomer or just an avid stargazer.

From Elqui Domos:

"Elqui Domos was born in 2005 to fulfill its owners desire to observe and enjoy the grandeur of the  skies of the Elqui Valley.
We realized that the forms and philosophy of the geodesic constructions, domes, were perfect for our objective and it was thus that we defined the basic requirements for the final design: the bed should be located in the highest place and have a roof over it that can be opened in order to watch the stars at leisure. This, while providing all the comfort needed in the room so that nothing may disturb the sensations that such an experience can produce.
Five years after the opening of Elqui Domos, we decided to expand its installations adding four cabins called “observatories”, whose architectural design achieved similar effects to those of the domes with regards to observing the skies from them and also being able to enjoy the different views of the valley.
This year, we decided to go one step forward on innovation: we built an astronomic observatory within th hotel site. This observatory consists of two domes that house Ceslestron telescopes with CGEM equatorial German frames, one of 8 inches and the other is 9 and a quarter inches. They are Schmidt-Cassegrain type telescopes. The domes are motorized and there is a digital camera for the observation of the moon and planets. This enables us to enjoy having an observatory of excellent quality just a few steps away from the rooms.
Elqui Domos aims at being a magical place of rest, introspection, and observation. Our objective is to provide a unique experience in our beautiful Elqui Valley."

much more including a gallery, hotel info and reservations here

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