Saturday, January 19, 2013

German bank robbers dig 100 foot tunnel in $15 million heist

Thieves in Germany dug a 100 foot long tunnel from a parking garage to the Volksbank to net $15 million in Berlin.

NTDTV reports:

"Published on Jan 17, 2013
Days after an audacious bank robbery that tunnelled through to a Berlin bank safe deposit room, police enter tunnel.

Full story:

Robbers who dug a tunnel from an underground parking garage into the safe deposit of a German bank spent months and worked very professionally.

That's what the Berlin police are now, saying four days after the crime was detected.

The suspects are thought to have rented out a garage under the Volksbank in the German capital's Steglitz district and then constructed the tunnel.

[Thomas Neuendorf, Berlin Police Spokesman]:
"The tunnel was constructed very professionally. It was stabilized with beams, it has supports. Obviously the suspects spent months digging to build this roughly 135 foot-long tunnel from the garage to the bank."

Initial reports said the tunnel was 100 feet long.Police were alerted to the robbery on Monday morning after a guard saw smoke coming from the safety deposit room.

Berlin police are now looking for a man they say witnesses had seen outside the parking garage "many times."

shades of Fric-Frac

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