Monday, January 14, 2013

How to weaponize Duct Tape

Joel Sprave has taken a break from making his usual slingshot creations to concentrate on something else, Duct Tape. Here he`ll use Duct Tape and other things to fashion some pretty interesting weapons, but he can`t completely get away from the slingshot (nor should he!).

From Joel Sprave:

"Duct tape is an amazing material. Strong, cheap, easy to use. Just fantastic.

When we here at The Slingshot Channel learned that the adhesive material used for duct tape is based on rubber, we had to make a "Weaponize" episode based on it!

This video shows three weapons made with standard household items and duct tape. A slingshot made from pencils and tape - it rivals the famous "Moorhammer" in strength and ergonomics. A flail, studded with steel spikes, and even a veritable Freddy Kruger clawed glove!

All of the weapons are tested, of course.

As a bonus, the world's first chain saw sword is presented, too. Made from a battery powered Black and Decker mini chain saw, the weapon features a two hand-grip. The batteries have been moved into the handle so the outline stays sleek."

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