Thursday, January 17, 2013

Super detailed RC British Centurion tank

This is an awesome RC British Centurion. This tank features a gas engine, real metal treads, is over four feet in length and weighs in at over 240 lbs! Price you ask? just around $6000 thats all.

From armortek:

"Available as a fully machined all metal engineering kit in 1/6th scale, for details go to"

how could you say no to that sound, i could practically ride that work

more here


  1. nice radiostyrd stridsvagn. I had this one on my wish list. I am sure sooner or later I will buy this one.

    1. Nice find thanks for link. I `ve always had a a soft spot for military RC replicas. I think I need an RC jet for my next project but a nice big tank would be great too.