Friday, January 18, 2013

Mr. Jones: Ticking Skull teeth automatic watch

I like this wrist watch, it`s called Mr. Jones and his teeth act as a seconds hand. It`s a mechanical automatic watch so you never need batteries.

From Watchismo:

"The Last Laugh Automatic Mechanical

This watch forgoes the customary hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on a skull’s teeth. The upper row of teeth show the hours and the lower show the minutes. The eyes and the nose are mirrored and the overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori - an object intended to remind us that life is brief (and that we should enjoy it while we're here!)

The watch is powered by a 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement. The mechanical movement means that you'll never need to replace the battery on this watch - the motion of wearing the watch provides all the power needed to wind it up and keep it running. The watch movement has a 'jump-hour' feature that means the hour changes over exactly on the 59 -> 00 minute transition."

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